Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith

The Princess and/or the Priest Recording Notes

You have to be pretty forgiving of many personal flaws to listen to these recordings, especially in Jason's case.

These are notes used during the each episode of the Princess and the Priest recordings.

Some Things to Know

There are many references made in recordings that you may not understand. Hopefully, this information will help.

Dot Two and the Blister at the Crash Site

This is my camping rig during the week. I work about four hours from home, so I needed a place to sleep closer to the office. I also had to get rid of the gas-guzzling SUV I had, so I replaced it with a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage, kind of an off-road sub-compact that gets 40+ mpg and provides a mount for my HF transceiver and antennas.

Mere Cottage

This is Lisa and Jason's home in Tucumcari, as if we had any more! It was a gift from my generous mother.

The Post-Apocoplyptic Nightmare of Tucumcari

The City of Tucumcari is currently part of the American State of New Mexico. It reached its zenith sometime in the 1940s and has been losing population ever since, like many places that were created to service the railroad. The place missed much of the inflation that affected more "properous" places and its "development" has been much more natural, as it slowly shrinks to its stable size.

There will be no terrible fate for places like Tucumcari, that happened decades ago. If anything, Tucumcari is a harbinger of the coming future that you will see in the "great" cities of America and likely the entire United States as a country.