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Flag of ComancheriaThis was a designation, mostly by Spain, of the control of the Comanche Nation over much of the Great Plains of North America that included what would become Wilfornia. Although it was claimed in a European sense by France, SantaFeDeNuevoMexico, Texas, and the United States at various times in its existence from roughly 1700 to 1900 CE, the Comanche people were in control of these lands and strong enough to establish relations and enforce treaties with neighboring European groups. Wilfornia was somewhat marginal to the Comanche as it was marginal to most others, though they were the most active players in the region and had to be bargained with by settlers to effect any sort of peaceful existence.

The Comanches are thought to have succumbed to European disease that decimated their numbers and they were eventually pacified and relegated to reservations in Oklahoma. Their descendants still maintain nation status to this day.