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The Community of Endee

Several kids at San Jon School were attached to the Bard/Endee Volunteer Fire Department, I think because they had very cool coats and could be called out of school anytime to handle some fire.

About the only building mostly surviving in this tiny bath house that has "modern rest rooms" occasionally repainted on it. The is also a nearby junkyard with many older wrecked cars (probably some gems in there).

This is also an example of a place that "moved" because of a new road or railroad that requires you to get off the Interstate. Like Trementina, "Endee" was "re-sited" to a truckstop on a I-40 off-ramp. The actual town is actually a few miles south, down a partially paved (it is slowly dissolving) road at a crossroads of state road 66 (the original US Route 66) and state road 93, which also has an abandoned rail bed right next to it.