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The Community of Sabinoso and Ancon

Various photos and videos of Sabinoso and Ancon taken on a trip when I wasn't getting the stink-eye...


I once drove the partly paved road from StateHighwayFourOneNine to the few houses that seem to compose present-day Sabinoso, deep in the Canadian River Valley. It was early afternoon, but the sun was already below the rim of the canyon and it was getting dark. I waved at a few of the men working near the houses but they didn't wave back. Strangers might not be welcome here.

I have a friend whose family came from Sabinoso and there are many acquaintences that remember vacationing and fishing there.


This is a horseshoe bend in the Canadian River that contains some pretty flat and verdant farmland. It is cut up into the tradition "Spanish" strips of land that you see in many river valleys in New Mexico, though this is the eastern-most example that I have seen.